Cheyanne Summer is a rising artist who burst onto the streaming scene in 2021. Having always had a natural affinity for music, the Canadian songwriter has honed her craft over the years to become the artist that she is today.

Influenced by the sounds of The Beach Boys and Patsy Cline, the Canadian songstress combines a variety of compositional elements to form her unique sound.

Originally from the verdant city of Kelowna in Canada’s British Columbia, Cheyanne journeyed 400 miles east and now lives and works out of Calgary.

Cheyanne Summer has released three singles to date, with her debut EP scheduled to release later this year.

"My music represents growth, strength, resilience and a sense of power. ‘Circles’ was inspired by feeling like I can’t break free from how people view me and how they think I’m supposed to be. Music has helped me through a lot, so I hope my music can help others." - Cheyanne Summer

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Cheyanne Summer returns with genre-defying track ‘Circles’ featuring her signature soulful vocals and mesmerising songwriting talent.

With notable pop-rock, R&B and folk influences, Cheyanne’s shimmering vocals glide across an understated guitar riff for a laid-back, summery yet sultry sound.

‘Circles’ features a host of talented session musicians  that contribute violin motifs, sparkling piano sounds and a steady pulse that highlight Cheyanne’s gorgeous vocal melodies.

Circles - PreviewCheyanne Summer
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Cheyanne Summer gives us a sweet summer flavour on her new track ‘iSpy’ featuring female rapper, Tinywiings.

Smooth and soulful with a relaxed jazz-pop sound, iSpy has a refreshing, timeless quality with a contemporary hip-hop twist. Lyrical themes of humanity’s unauthentic exterior compared with the sadness inside is beautifully reflected in the track’s melancholic tone with gorgeously arranged violin and live instrumentation. Tinywiings’ rhythmic and raspy bars cement iSpy as a track that will be on repeat all summer long.

iSpy (feat. Tinywiings) - PreviewCheyanne Summer
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'Haunt Me (stripped)' is about Cheyanne's personal struggles with mental health and encourages self  awareness and the ability to rise above the stigma. 

Cheyanne Summer’s vocal colour is clean and emotive, seamlessly synchronizing with the smooth vibe of the instrumental accompaniment. The layering of harmonized backing vocals for the hook adds a creative flare and depth to the overall sound without detracting from the lyrical prominence.

Haunt Me (stripped) - PreviewCheyanne Summer
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